jag hittade den

Dj Sammy - heaven 911 version
man blir så sjukt ledsen när man hör lilla tjejen.

"It's been a year daddy
I really really miss you
mommy say youre safe now
in a beautiful place called heaven
we have your favorutite dinner tonight
I ate it all up!
Even though i dont like carrots
I learned how to swim this summer
I can even open my eyes,
while Im under water
Cant you see me?
I started kindergarden this year
I carrie around a picture of us in my
blue's clues lunch box.

You are the gratest daddy
I can swing on the swing by my self
even though i miss you pushing me

Cant you see me?
I miss how you used to tickle me
tickle my belly!
My belly hurts

I try not to cry
mommy say it's ok.

I know you dont like it when i cry.
You never wanted me to be sad

I try daddy,
but it hurts!

Is it true youre not comming home?
maby some day
I can visit you in heaven, ok?

It's time for me to go bed now
I sleep with the light on,
just in case you'll come home
and kiss me goodnight.

I love you so much
I miss you daddy


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